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DSLR era(デジイチの時代)

English version

I took this photo with PENTAX K100D, my first digital single-lens reflex camera, or DSLR. From that time around, DSLRs were becoming popular and new models with higher numbers of pixels, new features etc. were released almost every year. 

And now, the DSLR era is almost coming to a close. It may be that people have started realizing that they don't need DSLRs in the first place. Most people don't print A4 photos, let alone poster-sized ones. Moreover, in this SNS era, what people need is not a heavy camera that allows them to take super-high-quality photos, but a light smartphone with a point-and-shoot camera to share photos that are good enough.  

Having said that, high-end cameras, if not DSLRs, won't just go away, because there are always professionals, high amateurs and above all, people who love taking photos like me. I may not buy a new DSLR model any more, but will continue using K100D and K5, the latter of which I bought later, although I haven't used them for quite a while.

By the way, some of you may be interested in what the tag says, unless you happen to be able to read Japanese. It says, "Thank you, water." I take this as meaning "Don't take anything as granted." When nothing is taken for granted, you realize how lucky you are. Don't you think so?