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First flowers(一番花)

English version

Maybe too early to say, but spring has come in Hokkaido! (although it is still very cold in the morning). These are the very first flowers in my garden. 

Since when I first came to Hokkaido, I've been surprised at how fast seasons come and go. Flowers bloom and fall one after another as if they were in a hurry to enjoy short but beautiful seasons. 

Oh, what I mean by "seasons" is spring, summer and fall. As you know, Hokkaido is cold. Especially my area is a heavy-snow area and naturally has a long winter season, during most of which snow covers everything. Snow removal is quite a burden, but snow makes Hokkaido one of the best places in Japan for skiing and if you are a skier, I bet you will love the powder snow (unfortunately I don't ski, though).    

By the way, I took this photo with my Moto g7 and added a film look on it.
This photo is compressed, but still enough for a blog, isn't it?





ところでこの写真は Moto g7で撮影してフィルム効果を足してます。