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Back to basics(初心に帰ろう)


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When I first bought PENTAX K100D, I was so happy that I brought it everywhere with me and took many photos. The above photo is one of them.

Those days I was just trying to take photos of beautiful things, but somewhere along the line, taking beutiful photos became my purpose. I guess this was one of the reasons I became less interested in taking photos. Why? Because the results are not always good, or maybe I should honestly say the results are rarely good.

So, what should I do? The answer is easy. I just need to go back to my old style, that is, take photos of things that move me and have fun!


Photo info.
Camera: PENTAX K100D
Photo editor: Lightroom 6
Retouch software: DxO FilmPack 5



最初にPENTAX K100Dを買ったときはとてもうれしくてどこにでも持ち出してたくさんの写真を撮ったものでした。上の写真もその一つです。




カメラ: PENTAX K100D
写真編集ソフト: Lightroom 6
レタッチソフト: DxO FilmPack 5