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Corydalis ambigua and Japanese dog's tooth violet at Urausu Shrine, Hokkaido(北海道浦臼神社のエゾエンゴサクとカタクリ)


English version

Shown in the upper photo are Corydalis ambigua (Japanese name: Ezo-engosaku, blue ones) and Japanese dog's tooth violet (yes, violet ones). I took this photo at Urausu Shrine, which is famous for these flowers and squirrels. Photographers come here to take a photo of a squirrel in this field of flowers. To take a good one, it takes patience, which I lack (lol). 

The lower one shows Ezo-engosaku alone. Because it's too long, I just call it gosaku (and this sounds like an old boy's name). Some people say that Ezo-engosaku reminds them of the Seven Dwarfs. 

It takes about 1.5 hours from the New Chitose Airport to Urausu Shrine by car. 


Photo info.
Camera: PENTAX K5
Photo editor: Lightroom 6
Retouch software: DxO FilmPack 5


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下の写真にはエゾエンゴサクだけが写っています。長すぎるので僕はゴサクと呼んでいます^^ エゾエンゴサクは七人の小人を連想させるという人もいます。



カメラ: PENTAX K5
写真編集ソフト: Lightroom 6
レタッチソフト: DxO FilmPack 5