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Cherry blossoms in Yoshino, Nara (奈良県吉野の桜)


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Yoshino Town, Nara prefecture is famous for its cherry blossoms. Since I did not have a car, I went there by bus. 

The view on a fine day would be great, but this foggy view is not bad, is it? 

By the way, I took this photo with a film camera and converted to the TIFF format, using a film scanner (OpticFilm 7400). Nowadays there are fewer and fewer photo printing (developing) shops and above all, it takes a lot of time and energy to convert films into a digital format. So I don't use a film camera anymore. 

Having said that, I like the look and feel of film photos. This is why I use DxO FilmPack, which allows me to emulate film looks with just a few click! Oh, am I sounding like a man from the company? 


Photo info.
Camera: PENTAX MZ-5 (film camera)
Photo editor: Lightroom 6


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話は変わりますが、この写真はフィルムカメラで撮ってフィルムスキャナー(OpticFilm 7400)でTIFFに変換しています。近頃は写真を印刷(現像)してくれるお店もどんどん減ってますし、なによりフィルムからデジタル変換するのに時間と労力がかかります。というわけでフィルムカメラはもう使ってないんですよね。

とはいえ、フィルム写真の感じは好きなのです。それがDxO FilmPackを使う理由。このソフトを使うとたった2、3クリックでフィルムっぽく仕上げてくれるのです!なんか回し者みたいになっちゃってます?


カメラ: PENTAX MZ-5(フィルムカメラ)
写真編集ソフト: Lightroom 6