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Katsuoji Temple, Osaka (大阪府・勝尾寺)


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This is a shot I took in Katsuoji Temple, Osaka. This temple is famous for daruma dolls. The photo shows relatively big ones that have been dedicated. Besides these, there are small ones everywhere. 

As its website is available only in Japanese, I've summarized the information on the winning* daruma doll ritual for you.

* Katsu in Katsuoji means "win" in Japanese


How to paint the eyes

1. Select a daruma doll

   Buy a winning daruma doll that your instinct tells you is right for you.


2. Clarify your goal

   (Goal) Write down the goal you want to achieve in the year on the back of the doll. 

   (Purpose) On the bottom, write down your purpose of life to achieve through the goal.


3. Time for gratitude

   Take a few incense sticks and offer your gratitude to all people involved in your wish.  


4. Smoke the doll

   Smoke the doll with "your gratitude", which now takes the form of smoke.


5. Swear to yourself

   Paint the right eye (left eye facing you), swearing to yourself that you will spare no effort and do your best to achieve the goal.


How to dedicate the winning daruma doll

1. Goal accomplished

   Once your wish comes true, paint the daruma's left eye (right eye facing you) as a proof of accomplishment. 


2. Report

  Report the result and give your thanks at the main hall.


3. Dedicate

   Dedicate the winning daruma doll to the Daruma Shelf, offering your gratitude.


Some of you may be wondering if you have to buy one there and the answer is that of course, you don't have to and I didn't. You can just enjoy seeing them.  

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. This temple is also famous for red autumn leaves. So, I definitely recommend that you visit there in autumn.


Photo info.
Camera: PENTAX K100D
Photo editor: Lightroom 6
Retouch software: DxO FilmPack 5


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お寺のホームページにダルマに目を入れたり奉納したりするお作法について詳しく解説がありました(英語版はなかったのでEnglish version では英訳してみました。いや~、知らない単語のオンパレードで苦労しました^^)。




カメラ: PENTAX K100D
写真編集ソフト: Lightroom 6
レタッチソフト: DxO FilmPack 5